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Caroline Spooner of Silks for You

Caroline Spooner of Silks for You – Aromas, California, USA






I was ‘imported’ to Aromas, California a few years ago from Shropshire in England, by my childhood friend and now husband.

When I arrived in the USA with a 25 year history of working in British Criminal Law, I realized that a complete career change was now possible, and was at long last in a position to work full time with my lifelong passion, art.

My obsession with anything that involved drawing, painting, colors, fabric and creating could finally be realized. Having spent many years making and designing silk art for friends I decided to work as an artist full time. Much of my work over the last few years has been commission based one of a kind silk scarves and ties, working with what the clients remit from whacky computer circuit boards to clothing for the crew of a Yacht Charter boat in the South of France!

Working from my studio overlooking the Aromas countryside, I draw my inspiration not only from the nature surrounding me, but also from the impressionist artists of the past. My designs, coupled with an at times ‘eccentric’ twist, ensure my art is truly unique. Over the last few years I seem to have evolved into a Shibori artist. I find the process fascinating, and am of course honored by the demand for my work.

When I’m not working in my studio I also teach silk art at a local college and host classes for small groups in my studio.

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