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Maria Jürimäe of SingingScarves, Estonia

Maria Jürimäe of SingingScarves, Estonia


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I am an Estonian silk artist who is specialized in custom silk paintings. My name is Maria Jürimäe and I am the mother of two lovely girls. Painting on silk is my passion. I have painted on silk and taught silk painting for over 15 years.

I love to sing while painting. In old Estonian and Finno-Ugric tales the power of song is really strong – it can influence our lives, it can create the new worlds. Our nation has not forgotten this wisdom. And we sang ourselves free from the Soviet Union!

My silk scarves and silk ties carry the joy of making them, and the good wishes that are specially painted into them.

I have two Etsy shops: SingingScarves and ArtSilkTies, I love the community site of Etsy and am a member of many teams.
One team connects artists to create together awareness and support for people who have been diagnosed and are suffering with Cancer. My mother died on it 12 years ago, and my piano teacher when she was surely too young. So if you buy a singing scarf 10% of the proceeds from the sale will go to support the fight against cancer.

If you would like to know more about me, the magic world of singing scarves, and silk painting, you are welcome to visit my website.

For wholesalers and boutique owners:
I love to paint on silk and I have a nice collection of unique silk scarves at my home. If you love to sell something unique, real, magic, you are welcome to ask me for wholesale prices! In local boutiques my scarves are among the bestsellers, so why not to take the chance?



Silk is a living material that can remember good ideas and songs. I am here to create unique one-of-the kind silk scarves that you really love!


Maria Jürimäe with her silk scarves

Maria Jürimäe with her silk scarves

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