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I know one thing for sure: everything in this life happens for a reason.

It may not be obvious at the time, but when you are finally afforded the ability to step back and look at the picture as a whole, it’s clear that one thing could not have happened without the other. That’s how I came to be an artist.

Life forced me to slow down after a back injury and in my quest to prevent the insanity that can be brought on by the slow recovery that follows surgery, I discovered “Simply Quilts” on HGTV. (Sadly the show is gone but every time I see Alex Anderson, I mutter a little “Thanks” for the inspiration that changed my life.) It was in that brief, insignificant flicking of TV channels that I found my true calling.

I’ve spent the last decade exploring every facet of fiber art before finding the sweet spot that makes my artist heart feel home: surface design and collage. I print fabric because it’s the most honest part of my day, when paint meets fabric and a collage begins to build. It’s a simple act that is true and the definition of who I really am.

I also write – to teach art techniques, to paint a picture of people, to give clarity to the quiet parts of my creative self. The more I move into this creative life, the more precious it becomes. Writing is like breathing for me, one cannot exist without the other.

I know that my definition of a creative life will change and twist and morph as life continues on. And I’m excited. Excited to see what it has in store and excited to share it with you as it happens! Thanks for being here.



I am all about living a creative life. Whether I’m writing an article, writing for my blog, printing fabric, creating collages or plotting my next big project – it’s ALL about making this life as creative as humanly possible!! 🙂

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