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Something Else Studio

Jannelle Olmstead of Something Else Studio

Jannelle Olmstead of Something Else Studio


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I have been working with fibers and artists paints as far back as I can recall. I even remember the very moment I decided I wanted to be an artist. It was as a small child when I went into our neighborhood Library. I sat down in the children’s reading corner and pulled out the most beautiful books filled with breathtakingly magical illustrations that gave life to every kind if imaginative creature. I knew right there that someday I wanted to be able to do that too! So I made art a core element of my life along with sewing.

Before I graduated from Eastern Michigan University in Michigan with a Bachelor of Fine Arts I had switched from Education to Painting/Fiber Arts/Graphic design and opened my own Studio to follow my dreams as a working artisan. It’s been 20 years and I’m just as excited by fiber and painting as I ever was. After designing renaissance wedding gowns for several years, I decided to join the festival circuit. I started with our small portable booth and criss-crossed the N.E. doing weekend renaissance festivals, Celtic festivals and faerie festivals until we put down roots with our enchanted building at The Maryland Renaissance Festival in Crownsville, MD. In the years ahead I look forward to adding a few Fine Arts and Crafts Shows to my festival season and each new year brings more magical possibilities.

I have my Something Else Studio shop on Etsy for online sales with some stock, but produce a lot more for the festival period. Feel free to contact me for other products I might have on hand.



I opened my studio where my love for art, history and imagination could all take flight. I love designing a very unique look that transforms the wearer from function to Fancy. Each One-of-A-Kind creation brings it’s own enchanting finishing touch, all handcrafted with extra attention to every detail.

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