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I opened my studio in 1995 where my love for art, imagination, mythology and history could all take flight. I work out of my studio creating accessories for Renaissance, Faerie, and Celtic Festivals. Now I’m retiring from these ventures so I will look forward to more time to create uniquely inspired artworks for the modern wearer.  With the focus on accessories as wearable art, I will continue to design a very unique look that transform the wearer from function to Fancy.  Each One-of-A-Kind creation brings it’s own enchanting finishing touch, all handcrafted with extra attention to every detail.  I’ve been creating for over 40 years using oil and acrylic paints on wood and canvas, plaster relief paintings, fabric dyeing and quilting, crewel stitchery, jewelry beadwork and creative sewing all while drafting my own original patterns.

When my kids were in high school I returned to college with every intention of becoming a teacher in Art Education and Skills for Living. But after I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts at Eastern Michigan University I open my own art studio. My first four years as Something Else Studio were dedicated to designing/creating custom made renaissance wedding attire and headpieces before I and joined a very talented group of gypsies know as renaissance festival artisans and had the times of my life with the most supportive and a creative group of fellow crafters and the passionate patrons that support us! Now I look ahead to bring some of that same enchantment to textile artworks and wearable accessories with a modern twist.



Jannelle Olmstead of Something Else Studio

Jannelle Olmstead of Something Else Studio – Lansing, Michigan, USA   Retired now from Renaissance Faires, but great memories!

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