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Debbie Maclin of Spanglish Fabrics with Day of the Dead Sculpture

Debbie Maclin of Spanglish Fabrics with Day of the Dead Sculpture. Debbie lives in Acworth, Georgia, USA, but travels regularly to Guatemala.




I’ve been addicted to Guatemalan fabric since 1981. That’s the year I arrived in Guatemala as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I was amazed at the colors and the weaving. I saved every penny I could from my living allowance to buy guipiles and corte. I came back to the States with an incredible supply.

One of the things I always wanted to do was give back to Guatemala. I realized that my experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer had transformed my life. I met my husband there and became a Spanish teacher because of the language I learned in Guatemala. So, I combined my love of fabric with that goal and started buying fabric to sell.

I do not buy wholesale. There is not a warehouse where I load up a truck. I go door to door and buy from cooperatives and small time weavers. I don’t make a huge profit. I hope I break even. All the money I make goes to pay for the trips and to pay for more fabric. I love knowing that a weaver now has a little money to help with daily expenses because I bought 10 or 20 yards of fabric or a couple of pieces of jade.

I hope this gives some insight into why I am not able to sell wholesale. When you buy from me, you are really helping an artisian in Guatemala.

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