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My re-purposed art developed from a sailing trip my husband & I took, May 2009, around the Croatian Islands. When we would sail into port, we’d stop at the markets to purchase food for that evening & the next day’s sail. In those Croatian markets, the opportunities for junk food were very minimal, there were only 2 options for “crisps” not 20, so we ate a lot of those chips on our trip. The artist in me decided to keep those empty bags & that “surely, I could do something with them & create a souvenir from the trip.” After I created a quilt block for the wall, I then questioned, “what about a handbag or a wallet”?

Then I realized, “what about all of those candy wrappers, chip bags, soda bottle & beer labels that we toss into the garbage every day?” With that, my repurposed art line developed!

Specialties: I like to call my work “art made from repurposed materials” but with so many non-artists not quite understanding quite yet what repurposed means, it’s easier to say “art made from recycled materials.”

I try to create unique handmade items from upcycled trash, while trying to reduce the impact of environmental waste. I create items such as dog & cat collars & leashes, luggage tags, wallets, cuffs, id lanyards, journals, etc from recycled materials such as soda bottle wrappers, beer labels, chip bags, candy wrappers and coffee packaging.

I’m also a fiber artist, who hand-dyes all of the bamboo poplin and organic muslin found in the backing of my recycled art.

I am fortunate to have old and newly found friends from the United States to Europe save & send me their crisp (chip) bags, their soda & beer labels, which gives me the opportunity to work with materials that I would normally not have access to.

Through these old and new friends, I share materials that I don’t use. I send my bottle caps to an artist who use them to create bottle cap jewelry and the soda/beer/wine bottles get recycled or given to a home brewer to reuse. I try very hard to not let anything go to waste.

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    I love seeing modern looking homemade things!

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