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Several years ago I went in search of yarn that might be incorporated into my artwork and I discovered, tucked away in the nook of my local yarn store, a few items labeled “Needle-felting”. Intrigued, I purchased a few things, took them home, and was instantly hooked.

Now, every nook and cranny of my workroom is overflowing with wool. It’s spilling out of baskets and bursting out of my armoire; and every trip to the yarn store or online search brings home more. I’ve used almost every medium there is and I have to say needle-felting is the most versatile and forgiving. It’s allowed me to experiment like never before because I can simply remove a mistake by plucking out the wool. And what other medium lets you paint and sculpt and needs no cleanup?

If you go to my website, www.stacypolson.com, you’ll see I’ve got eclectic tastes.

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    Love the enchanted universe you create ! Outstanding work!

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