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Lisa Van Herik - San Diego, California, USA

Lisa Van Herik – San Diego, California, USA


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Studio Van Herik creates one-of-a-kind and custom fiber wire wall pieces and standing sculptures for the home. Best described as “color totems”, these artworks are highly colored and textural reflecting each customer’s own color resonance and personality. Combining green materials with lush, exotic fibers, these artworks add warmth, originality and depth to any modern home.

Lisa Van Herik is a metalsmith, abstract painter, author, educator, entrepreneur and saleswoman. She has an extensive background education in interior design, textile/surface design, abstract painting and metalsmithing.

An MSW, Lisa began her career doing art therapy. Taking hold of the Fine Craft movement in the 1980’s, she began her own business representing numerous fine craft artists to the wholesale fine craft industry. She then created her first line of handpainted jewelry followed by a resin jewelry line and lastly, a sterling and fine silver woven jewelry line…all of which sold nationally through museum stores and fine craft galleries.
Lisa also worked for many years as a commercial artist. She worked for manufacturers of art supplies, creating trade show models of everything from tables to jewelry. She also wrote several “how-to” booklets and magazine articles promoting those art supplies.
As a metalsmith, Lisa has explored and created many woven wire techniques in the past 20 years. She has written two books on the subject. Make Wire Beads, the first self published book, has reached collector’s item status. Her second book on combining fiber and wire, Fiberwire Beads and Jewelry, is sold out. Lisa has taught numerous workshops on woven wire techniques at the UCSD Fine Craft Center and to art organizations nationally.


I like to do things differently. I enjoy both creating original artworks and redesigning anything in my path. I am largely technique and color driven and I inevitably focus on learning new artistic skills to use in a new ways. As an artist, I don’t just want to see my own style in the work; I want to surprise myself.

Exploring the use of varied materials is often the inspiration that I work best from. Transforming common, unexpected materials into works of art delights me the most; finding the hidden beauty in previously unbeautiful things is a constant source of joy. Experimentation is the backbone of my work.

My hands and eyes are well trained and I’m a seasoned artist having studied metalsmithing, interior design, surface design, color consultation and abstract painting. And I’ve studied them all extensively and continue to do so. For me, it’s all about beautiful design and applying those same principles to everything around me.

An empty room is a blank canvas looking for color, depth, texture and visual balance. A bare wall is looking for those same elements just as a blank canvas is. A beautifully designed piece of art jewelry requires the same.

A collector recently wrote that my work is like “fine art meets industrial with a touch of humor”. There is great joy in this endless altering and discovering of mine and I consider myself quite lucky to have been handed this path of great possibilities.

I see my latest works, the fiber and wire/metal wall art, sculptures and paintings as a turning point in this path; I’ve finally been able to combine my greatest passions, color and metal, into wall art. Combining luscious, vibrant and often exotic threads with industrial elements, the work marries the incongruous and in doing so, surprises and delights me with the unexpected. I hope that it has the same affect on you.

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