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Sturee Tribal Village

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Abdul Wardak of Sturee Tribal Village

Abdul Wardak of Sturee Tribal Village



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Sturee Tribal Village is the retail gallery of Afghan Tribal Arts (which also has a profile page here on TAFA) located in Pendleton, South Carolina, USA. Pendleton is a beautiful, touristy town. We bring the international element to our street, so I hope you will stop by!

Most of our inventory is from Afghanistan and Central Asia, but we also have a nice representation from Africa and the Far East. Sturee Tribal Village is stocked with tribal carpets and textiles, along with other artisan crafts made from metals, wood, clay, and other materials. We also have a sizable bead selection of fine semi-precious stones from Afghanistan and the region.

Watch our video to get a nice view of our gallery! And, if you like poetry, come visit my poetry site!



Occupied by the roars of the waves,

Numbed by the smell of the sea,

I felt the slide of the moving sand under my feet.

My eyes traveled between the water and the sky.

Together, we welcomed the rising sun.

A short walk to the edge of the earth to see the light of life.

-Abdul Wardak, November 4, 2014


Abdul Wardak, 2014 Florida

Abdul Wardak, 2014 Florida

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