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Marcy Horswill of Sunflower Design

Marcy Horswill of Sunflower Design – Alberta, Canada


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My name is Marcy Horswill. I have been an artist almost all of my life, but I did not accept this until I turned the magical age of 40. Looking back, I realize the life path I follow has woven in and out of a variety of artistic interests from painting silk scarves to corporate graphic design. Every way I turn I find a new creative path to embark on.

I am an avid collector. I have jars of buttons, beads, ribbons, feathers, shells, etc., which I treasure and draw inspiration from. I also collect miniature teapots, regular teapots, blue china, giraffes, bird nests and Santa Claus figurines. Of course my largest collection is comprised of quilting fabric, predominantly Bali cottons. I love their brilliant colour, high thread count and varying texture.

My favourite and most familiar pastime is quilting. Quilting is a broad term encompassing everything from traditional to innovative methods and designs. I started as a traditional quilter, but once I mastered the basic skills, I began designing my own art quilts and never looked back. My latest passion is beading, incorporating feathers, fibres and other three dimensional finds into my work and creating texture by soldering fabric and fibres.

I have a studio where I work my creations. It is cozy and everything is at my fingertips. During a project, my studio becomes a whirlwind of fabric and other paraphernalia as one idea morphs into another. Part of the process before I start my next project is cleaning up the mess from the last one. It is an important step in my creativity. I spy bits and pieces from previous works, which remind me of things I want to try. Often the cleaning up sets the path for the next idea and Iā€™m immersed again on another journey.



Why do I pursue creativity? When I turn to my studio, it is to escape the fast-paced and stressful world I live in. Time slows down when I walk through the studio door; in fact, time becomes irrelevant. As I familiarize myself with my space and collections, my life takes on a quiet rhythm. My senses become acutely aware of colour, texture and the quiet. Sketches go down on paper, needles go through fabric and layers form one on top of another. My heart beats to my own rhythm and a new idea is born.

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