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I am an artist living in the Portland, OR area.  My background is in scientific research in geology, and that perspective is inherent to the art that I make, influencing both the content and approach. I have taken numerous classes in quilt making and dyeing and printing my own fabric. Studio art and art history classes at my local community college have enhanced my background as an artist. I am actively pursuing opportunities for exhibition, and I am a member of the Columbia FiberArts Guild / High Fiber Diet and the Surface Design Association.


My work explores the curvilinear nature of organic forms, especially at the microscopic scale. Cells, microorganisms, and strings are visually alluring, and so is the story behind them. Our lives are inextricably linked with microorganisms. They cause disease, but they also colonize our bodies and contribute to our health. Bacteria, the first life forms on Earth, have existed for 3.2+ billion years. Microbes replicate quickly and modify their genetic code easily by incorporating foreign DNA from their surroundings. They are my metaphor for a less human-centric view of the world.


Visual depth is created through layering of hand-dyed cotton, silk organza (also commercial), and manipulated cheesecloth. Motifs and images are created by printing or painting with resist, discharge, or fabric paint.  Layers are hand-stitched together with embroidery floss, and whole-cloth pieces are machine quilted.

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