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Susan Shinnick Textiles and Clothing

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Susan Shinnick - Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Susan Shinnick – Iowa City, Iowa, USA






I have been making clothing and textiles for over 20 years. I live and work in Iowa City, Iowa.

I hand dye and hand print my textiles and create my own silk screens using images of prairie plants, birds and other patterns. It is important to know that almost everything I do is unique. It is very hard for me to replicate things exactly. This is a blessing and a curse. I print with small screens that I hand place on the fabric. This keeps things loose and more painterly and “alive”.

My clothes, pillows, linens and bags are made from yardage I have printed, so the pattern falls differently on each and each is unique. I sell on Etsy and have both finished products and fabric bundled for other makers.

I also knit, sometimes with my hand dyed yarns.

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