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Alida Porter of Swoon Fibers with her dog

Alida Porter of Swoon Fibers with her dog – Rochester, New York, USA


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It was all about walks in the woods and streams while I was growing up, I could sit for hours drawing and painting with watercolors. My Mom was an avid knitter and made a lot of the Elizabeth Zimmerman sweaters as she received the newsletters by mail. She passed along her love of fibers and the tactile pleasure of knitting. In college I studied painting, but always gravitated back to textile design. Working with dyes and fiber is the culmination of all my loves. I hand dye luxury yarns and sell them in my shop on Etsy as Swoon Fibers.



Every piece I create is something very much my own. Its as if it’s a personal statement about something intimate and cared for, crafted, what have you, that nurtures me in return.

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