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TAMMACHAT Natural Textiles

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Ellen Agger of TAMMACHAT Natural Textiles

Ellen Agger of TAMMACHAT Natural Textiles








Ellen Agger and Alleson Kase love textiles and have been involved with threads, craft and empowering women for decades. In 2007, they launched TAMMACHAT Natural Textiles, a fair trade social enterprise, to help women artisans in rural Thailand and Laos bring their extraordinary, handcrafted, naturally dyed weavings to new markets. Each of TAMMACHAT’s textiles tells a story and helps rural women support their families, communities and cultural traditions. For each piece sold, TAMMACHAT has donated a first book to a child in Laos, published by Big Brother Mouse, a Lao-owned social enterprise.
In 2014, Ellen and Alleson decided to move their focus away from selling in order to pursue other interests. They continue to travel to Southeast Asia and welcome opportunities where they can share from their vast experience working with artisan groups in Thailand and Laos. They are available to speak at conferences, and offer fair trade textile consulting and personalized travel consulting for Thailand/Laos.
TAMMACHAT has worked with more than a dozen women’s weaving co ops, social enterprises, certified fair trade businesses and family weaving groups in Thailand and Laos. Learn more about TAMMACHAT’s work through their blog (see Older Posts too or search for topics that interest you); visit the Artisans page; and learn about Weaving Culture in Thailand and Laos.
“You must consider the whole process if you want to support this art. It is difficult to produce by hand. Our work is real women’s group work, handmade art and tradition.”

Mae Samphun Jundaeng
Chairperson, Panmai Group, Northeast Thailand
“We want the stories of these rural artisans to inspire others. These are hard-working and remarkable women who weave very special textiles that are both beautiful and environmentally friendly.”
Alleson Kase
Co-founder, TAMMACHAT Natural Textiles, Canada


Ellen and Alleson documented their work in Thailand extensively in a series of weaving books. Learn about the artisans and their techniques to create these beautiful textiles. Visit TAMMACHAT’s online bookstore to view them online for free, buy a digital copy, or pick up a softcover or hardcover book.

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