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Niki McDonald of Tapestry Girl




The decaying, tagged and ripped urban landscape and how we operate in it possesses me. I never tire of the desire to reproduce it in the needle point tapestry medium. The repetition of the tapestry stitches echoes the pixels in digital work and spray-paint used to make the expressive marks. My recent work has a combination of tapestry and collaged hand printed photos that I have taken of the urban landscape. I crave to create layers in my work and I have been experimenting with using the tapestry canvas as a window to painted and collaged images. The mixed media brings relevance, texture and contrast.

I made a promise to myself in 2009 to put my work out there and give it the best possible chance to shine and evolve in the public arena. Since that time I have exhibited, sold work, been published, won awards and developed a Professional Learning Network. I have kept my Tapestry Girl Blog alive and have worked collaboratively on Twitter and Facebook.

I have a day job and a family to look after so I am very time efficient and carve out the hours I need for art making. There is little time left to meet up with other artists so I rely heavily on feedback from my online communities. The positive feedback gives my work the self-esteem it needs to maintain its momentum and allows me to feel connected to the contemporary visual arts scene.



Taking ephemeral forms and capturing them in the permanency of wool.

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    Am a newbie tapestry gal. Just found your site. Am absolutely thrilled to know these artists are out there.

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