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Sally Weinberg of Textiil

Sally Weinberg of Textiil – Radnor, Pennsylvania, USA





Southeast Asia is a wonderful place to see uniquely beautiful, traditional textiles being made and worn. Having the opportunity to live in Malaysia and to travel throughout the region was a great experience. At the national craft festival in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I saw booth after booth of a stunning woven textile called songket. So rich and luxurious! Each finely detailed piece of fabric on display was waiting to made into a fabulous costume for some special occasion.

Then in 2009, UNESCO awarded Indonesia Intangible Cultural Heritage status for their batik. I decided to visit central Java where there is a concentration of markets and makers. In Java I was able to experience a small sample of the incredibly diverse traditional hand made batik.

I feel lucky to have seen the crafting and use of these fabrics in their own countries — and to be able to apply them in a way that both showcases the fabric itself, and fits the way we live. It has been a delight to meet local artisans and entrepreneurs and to find help and support from each country’s trade and tourist organizations.



In our travels and conversations we found businesses and organizations looking for ways to increase awareness of these heritage crafts. With them, we would like for these textiles to be seen, appreciated, and applied more broadly so that the craft itself will continue to grow and flourish. Our goal is to preserve the integrity of the original fabrics — making them more available, and in some cases applying them and transforming them into functional, beautiful products suited to the way we live.

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    Love your designs and colours… !

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