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Textile Gems

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Fran Seigel and Andy Pastorino

Fran Seigel and Andy Pastorino


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Self-employed, together with my husband in our business Textile Gems TM, our handcrafted arts business–founded in 2002–creates jewelry and home decor items from vintage ethnic textiles. Generally, we sell wholesale to museum shops but we also do a few retail shows during May and October each year, here in New York City.

We are also avid collectors of unique vintage and and antique ethnic textiles from around the globe.

Our website showcases our jewelry, made by an intense process using actual textiles and layers of acrylic and our  Textile Gems TM Greeting Cards. Our card lines currently include 45 blank cards showcasing some of our favorite textile crops photographed from our collections. We also have an Etsy shop with accessories we have created from vintage textiles along with unaltered ethnic garments.



Our mantra is: “Celebrating the Fibers of our Multicultural Lives.” This can be literal or interpretive. We love presenting uniquely beautiful textile crops in close-up formats which both showcase their artistry and also act as charming visual portals to learning about other cultures.

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    beautiful pictures and new products.

    we are happy to see your products.

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