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Ellen Bakker of Textile Link

Ellen Bakker of Textile Link


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My name is Ellen Bakker from the Netherlands. I am a graphic designer and textile art lover. I decided to combine those two things and started Textile-link.com. Textile-link is a platform for artists and designers who work with textile and combinations of textile and other mediums such as paper.

Everybody who wants to have the chance of getting their work of art published in one of the future books of Textile-link can easily upload images in their own archive, available on our web site. The uploaded images will form the basis for inspiring textile books which will be published by Textile-link under its own management in the coming years.

The basic idea behind Textile-link is to publish extraordinary books together, to inspire, share knowledge and enjoy it all.

There is a call for entry for two new international book projects at the moment.
More information: http://www.textile-link.com

We love hearing from our community!

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