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The Loaded Trunk

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Roni Jaco of The Loaded Trunk enjoying carpet buying!

Roni Jaco of The Loaded Trunk enjoying carpet buying!








Every piece selected for The Loaded Trunk embodies my approach to life: rich artistic tradition, creativity and craftsmanship. I believe that both traditional techniques and new interpretations of old traditions bring immeasurable beauty and warmth into the home.

Working with a global network of artisans and designers, each item sold through The Loaded Trunk is personally selected for its ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Each piece is either created specifically for The Loaded Trunk, or purchased from a local market across the globe.

I believe in supporting the local economy throughout my travels, and respectfully pay the artisan’s asking price. Fair trade matters. For these reasons, only limited quantities are available for most items, and exact pieces may not be restocked once they’re sold.

I consider The Loaded Trunk my global dinner party. As a fellow citizen of this world, I encourage you to join me.



I love living out of a suitcase ~ traveling the globe in a continuous exploration of other cultures, collecting art and textiles that speak to me through their organic beauty and artistry. I grew up an Army brat and wherever we lived, my mother filled our home with the art, crafts and home furnishings that captured the essence of local culture. I developed a lifelong appreciation for the feeling you get when you’re in a room that reflects your life’s experiences through the treasures you’ve gathered along the way.

With The Loaded Trunk, I share that passion with others, taking them on an adventure they can enjoy without a passport – and helping them define their own personal style. I look for uncommonly cool items that can create a warm and uniquely beautiful atmosphere. I live in an eclectic mix of old and new, vintage and contemporary. I shop globally not in a quest for antiques, but rather in pursuit of skilled artistry and craftsmanship, believing it’s important to keep alive the centuries-old techniques and traditions I see during my travels. At the same time, I search for new interpretations of old traditions, often finding burgeoning “hot spots” of artists and designers with whom to collaborate with.

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