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John Hopper of the Textile Blog








I have always been interested in creativity in its many forms and fascinated by the procedures and connections made by artists and makers. Above all, I have a fascination and passion for pattern.

In that respect I was inevitably drawn to textiles and with that a degree in constructed textiles (weave, tapestry knit) followed. Although have a practical degree in constructed textiles which I took in Scotland, and still have an interest in the practicalities of making, since graduating I have become increasingly interested in the theory, creativity and connections that can be found in the history of textile design, decoration and craft, and particularly so when concerned with pattern in its many forms, from direct and practical surface pattern to the patterns of overlapping cultures and ideas.

This interest led to me creating The Textile Blog site which now forms my main concern and I have found that I have an equal passion for both writing and education and therefore the road ahead is to combine my love of textiles, writing and education within one comprehensive format.



The Textile Blog, which although having outgrown its blog status some time ago, was set up as an educational support and compliment to anyone interested in the history of textiles in its broadest form, offering a free and extensive image and video library, as well as a comprehensive list of written articles that are continually being added to, as well as a daily listing of contemporary aspects of design, decoration and craft that can be found on its twitter, facebook and google+ sections.

The Textile Blog has moved towards a more interesting phase of its life where it offers an increased and expanded format that incorporates a number of formats from ebooks that deal with a whole range of subjects connected to the history of textiles and creativity in much more detail than has been possible with the blog posts, as well as a wide-ranging daily creatively inspirational range of links and posts on twitter, facebook, google+ and tumblr. It is hoped that this will prove a useful set of tools in which to both question and understand some of the more fundamental aspects of the history of textiles in its many disciplines, and the individuals and cultures that have added to the rich and varied subject of textile design, decoration and craft as well as how they are placed within a contemporary context to influence and complement.


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    I am amazed to see knowledgable information about textiles. I truly appreciate your work and looking for new information in near future. Thanks.

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    Thank you both very much for your comments and I apologise for not noticing them earlier.

  3. clairan

    I appreciate your commitment to the textile world

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    Thanks for all you do to educate the world about the beauty and range of textiles!

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