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The Thread Studio

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Dale Rollerson of The Thread Studio - Perth, Australia

Dale Rollerson of The Thread Studio – Perth, Australia

The Thread Studio™ is an online retail business established in 1995, based in Australia, but selling world-wide. We specialise in unusual and interesting embroidery threads and textile art supplies. It is owned with passion by Dale and Ian Rollerson.
Textile art and mixed media supplies at your finger tips. Hand and machine embroidery threads – hand dyed fibres and fabrics – paints – all manner of experimental stuff hard to find anywhere else.
Broome Artistic RetreatCaroline – Jacinta – Dale – have created a fabulous two day workshop for you and of course there will be loads of other excitements to make your trip to Broome so wonderful.


I am a textile artist and owner of The Thread Studio. I am passionate about all areas of textile art and try to be as cutting edge as I can. I enjoy machine and hand stitching, developing ideas using a needle felting machine and playing and experimenting with all manner of textiley and mixed media stuff. I guess I am an art journaller of a different variety before the title became trendy but my journals are more the stitchy variety than the paper types. I have been a teacher for many years and run a number of on-line and in the flesh workshops. I have written a book on using a needlefelting machine ‘Surface Tension’ and four Let’s Play booklets. I have been published in many magazines around the world.

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    I”m so glad you listed your website as I am in love with your pdf classes available! I have to get every one of them! Thanks! I am in love with fibers and strive to create texture!

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