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Michelle Houston - Bailieboro, Ontario, Canada

Michelle Houston – Alberta, Canada







I create unique handmade one of a kind needle felted creations. Animals have always been an interest of mine and with my past experience as an animator/character designer I find needle felting a very rewarding way to bring them to “life”.

Whether you are looking for a replica of a pet or something that is near and dear to your heart, I can create it for you with care and attention to detail.

The animals and creatures I create are totally my own. I sometimes use photos to help me get a realistic feel and to make sure they are correctly colored and proportioned. I will also do replicas of pets for people such as dogs, cats, horses, birds or any other creature.

I discovered this medium quite by accident while surfing the net for animal pictures. I saw these awesome realistic animals so I clicked on them and learned all about needle felting. It’s just like sculpting out of wool. I find the results very satisfying and working on them a good way to get my creative juices flowing.

After discovering felting I had to find out where I could get supplies. I went online and found a great site called “Living Felt”. They carry everything you need. I then found out about a place in Peterborough called “Needles in the Hay” that also carried wool roving. I was talking to some friends one day and they told me about a little shop in Port Hope called “The Black Lamb” that has the biggest supply of colors and textures that I could ever want and it’s so close to me! I was so excited.

I approach my work with a unique perspective that takes into account your needs. My style and technique have been developed over years of discovering and experience evolving into what is now The Wild ‘N’ Wooly!

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