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Linda LaBelle of The Yarn Tree - Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Linda LaBelle of The Yarn Tree – Asheville, North Carolina, USA


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Linda LaBelle is the owner of The Yarn Tree, an author, photographer and fiber artist specializing in natural dyeing and weaving.

With a strong belief that you must respect the craft, materials and abilities of the cultures with which you are interacting, Linda is happy to share her knowledge with those less fortunate. Since 2009 Linda has worked with groups in Rwanda, India, Mexico, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

After returning from Rwanda in 2009, she started the project Stories of Hope. The project is two-fold; the first to teach craft-based skills to those in need, secondly to archive the experience through photos and interviews telling the stories of the people she visits.

When not traveling, Linda lives in Asheville, NC tending her Indigo vat.



The Yarn Tree opened its doors in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY in August of 2001. It very quickly became the “go to” spot for high-quality yarns and fibers. Classes and workshops were offered in Spinning, Knitting, Crochet, Weaving, Embroidery, Felting (both wet and needle), Natural Dyeing and Low Impact Dyeing. That same year The Yarn Tree went on-line, shipping its array of goods around the globe. After 10 years shop owner Linda LaBelle decided it was time to close the doors of the brick & mortar shop.

On July 1st 2011 The Yarn Tree was packed up and moved to Asheville, NC. While Linda has no plans to open another brick & mortar, but the good news is that the online business will remain open continuing to sell all the wonderful products The Yarn Tree is known for.

The move gives Linda more time to focus on her charity-based organization Stories of Hope and enjoy life at a bit slower pace.

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