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Thistle Rose Weaving

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Martha Witcher of Thistle Rose Weaving

Martha Witcher of Thistle Rose Weaving


Welcome to my studio!

My weaving studio can be a zen-like place to work. Some days classical music softly plays in the background. On other days a quiet silence with only the sounds of the birds singing outside my windows disturb the peace. The gentle swish of the shuttle and the quiet thump of the loom’s beater as each thread is bumped into place while I weave gives me a chance to reflect on the day and my thoughts.

In the studio my work mate is Sam, our Old English Sheepdog who not only keeps the carpet on the floor from flying into space he is also an accomplished weaving supervisor with a few years of experience under his collar.

My studio has three main looms that are almost always warped with a project that is in the process of being woven. Five bookcases full of weaving books, yarn – lots of yarn, weaving shuttles and collections of various things that catch my fancy that give me inspiration and materials to draw from.


The driving need to create something with my own two hands has always guided me in my pursuit of weaving traditional textiles. Thistle Rose Weaving is my passion, my delight and a way for me to express and share my love for the traditional art of hand weaving. I take pride in creating beautiful heirloom-quality hand woven textiles that will bring joy to your hearth and home.

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    Martha’s work is just beautiful! I’m fortunate to own one of her table runners. Congratulations, Martha!

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