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Thread Painted Art by Bridget O’Flaherty

Thread Painted Art by Bridget O’Flaherty
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Bridget O'Flaherty - Perth, Ontario, Canada

Bridget O’Flaherty – Perth, Ontario, Canada



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Passionate about the environment, Bridget O’Flaherty is best known for her stunning large landscapes created with thread. With the environment and sustainability in mind, she uses materials like botanically hand-dyed fabrics, natural fibres and recycled content. Her art focuses on nature, endangered species and combines contemporary thread painting with traditional fibre arts like quilting, embroidery and felting.

Bridget travels to offer workshops, trunk shows and lectures. Her artwork is for sale through galleries, exhibitions and online. She often enters curated and juried shows internationally.

Bridget has been creating for over 25 years. It was at a young age that she brought both her love of fibre and nature together and pursued a career creating art. Her training as a sustainability consultant has helped her understand the fragile aspects of the environment and make a conscious decision to have a sustainable business ethos.

She is a long-standing member of the Canadian Quilter’s Association, Studio Art Quilts Association, Canada Green Building Council and TAFA (this site). She is featured in an annual calendar by Brown Trout Publishers, 15+ years running. Bridget’s art is held in national and international collections. In 2017, she was the recipient of the MERA Award of Excellence for Artists.

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