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Threads of Life-Timorese dyers at an indigo workshop

Threads of Life-Timorese dyers at an indigo workshop







Threads of Life is a social enterprise with a retail gallery and natural dye studio in Ubud, Bali. Started in 1998 by Jean Howe, William Ingram and Made Maduarta, Threads of Life now has 25 staff and works directly with over 1000 weavers on 12 islands across Indonesia helping indigenous weavers to continue expressing their textile traditions at the highest ancestral standards. We improve weavers’ incomes by facilitating the production of high quality, high value textiles. We support weavers committed to maintaining the integrity of their culture by sourcing textiles with traditional motifs in customary designs, and we tell the story of each textile’s meaning as part of our marketing. We link production to responsible use of local forest and agroforestry systems by only buying work made with natural dyes to traditional recipes. To control quality and to address problems that dyers have experienced as oral traditions break down and recipes are forgotten, we have become expert natural dyers, researchers and ethnobotanists.

At the Threads of Life gallery we offer visitors the chance to learn about Indonesia’s textile traditions and buy the weavers’ work. At the studio and dye garden we hold workshops from half-a-day to two-weeks long teaching Indonesia’s traditional natural dyes through the media of batik, ikat, and weaving. Threads of Life textiles are in the permanent collections of the Art Gallery of South Australia, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, and the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory.


The owners of Threads of Life also own the Umajati Retreat and see it as a further expression of their values of cultural continuity, environmental responsibility and sustainable livelihood. Surrounded by tranquil rice fields, Umajati is a lush garden property hosting two elegantly converted hundred-year-old Javanese teak wooden homes that provide 21st century living in 19th century houses. Each has a kitchen and several private garden spaces around a shared swimming pool. Umajati offers daily, weekly or monthly rentals hosted by Balinese house-keepers and cooks who specialize in healthy and vegetarian food. Just 10 minutes north of Ubud, in the cultural heart of Bali, Umajati grants easy access to the village’s many restaurants, spas, and cultural opportunities.



Threads of Life adalah perusahaan bersifat social yang memiliki sebuah galeri dan studio untuk pewarnaan alami di Ubud, Bali. Dimulai pada tahun 1998 oleh Jean Howe, William Ingram dan Made Maduarta, Threads of Life sekarang memiliki 25 orang staff dan bekerja secara langsung dengan lebih dari 1000 penenun di 12 pulau di seluruh Indonesia, membantu penenun pribumi untuk terus mengekpresikan tradisi tekstil mereka pada standart tertinggi yang diajarkan leluhurnya. Kami meningkatkan pendapatan para penenun dengan memberi fasilitas pada bagian produksi dengan kualitas tertinggi supaya bisa menghasilkan kain yang bernilai tinggi. Kami mendorong para penenun untuk terus menjaga integritas dari kebudayaan mereka dengan mencari motif-motif tradisional mereka yang biasa mereka buat dan kami ceritakan kisah dari setiap kain sebagai bagian dari marketing kami. Kami menghubungkan produksi dengan tanggung jawab mengngelola hutan setempat dan system kehutanan dengan bekerja hanya menggunakan pewarnaan alami untuk resep tradisional. Untuk menjaga kualitas dan melihat masalah yang dialami oleh para pencelup sebagai penghancur tradisi lisan dan resep yang sudah dilupakan, kami menjadi pewarna alami, peneliti dan ahli botanical yang handal. Di Galeri Threads of Life, kami menawarkan pengunjung untuk belajar tentang kain tradisional Indonesia dan membeli hasil karya para penenun. Di studio dan kebun pewarna sering diadakan lokakarya dari mulai setengah hari sampai sepanjang dua minggu untuk mengajarkan pewarnaan alami tradisional Indonesia melalui media batik, ikat dan tenunan. Kain-kain Threads of Life telah mejadi koleksi dari Art Gallery di Australia Selatan, Art Gallery di New South Wales, Powerhouse Museum di Sydney dan juga di Museum and Art Gallery di Northern Territory.

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