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Judy Endicott Williams - Linden, Texas, USA

Judy Endicott Williams – Linden, Texas, USA





I have been knitting since I was a child and started every summer making two needle mittens or hats for everyone on my Christmas list. By the time I reached high school I was knitting sweaters for my boyfriend, and an intricately patterned Scandinavian ski sweater for myself. About 16 years ago I started tanning hides, doing Native American beadwork and attended fur trade era events as a settler. While attending these events I learned to weave in an inkle loonm, then learned to spin, started natural dyeing and started acquiring different types of looms. It went on from there and now I am hooked on anything fiber related. I quit my job as the editor and reporter for our local newspaper and now pursue my fiber interest and antiques business full time.

I raise colored angora goats that produce mohair on our small farm in Linden, Texas, which we shear and sell the wool on Etsy, along with the yarns that I spin, products that I knit and Ashford spinning wheels and tools.


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