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Trisha Hassler – Mixed Media Artist

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Trisha Hassler - Portland, Oregon, USA - Mixed Media Artist

Trisha Hassler – Portland, Oregon, USA





We each own a personal history. Some of us have details about our ancestors, some of us have very little background information. We may be part of a family which has lost much of it’s connection to the past or we may have relatives documented on the passenger list of the Mayflower. I believe this personal history is as important as our DNA in determining who we become. Family stories often change with each telling and even more sometimes, depending on who is doing the telling. My grandmother was known for inventing history. Every time she shared a family moment it grew and became more elaborate.

So how does that information get passed down? How can I help my children know more than just when their great grandparents were born, but who they were? What challenges did past generations face? What joys made them laugh out loud?

The exploration of our human experience at the cellular level and relating that experience to our place in society is the focus of my work. My personal interest with missing information, hidden knowledge and shared experience supply the history and bring texture to the surface of each piece.

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