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Turkish Folk Art

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Vedat and Murathan Ozgen

Vedat and Murathan Ozgen – Istanbul, Turkey


We are a group specializing in ethnic / tribal textiles, ethnographic ornaments and object of art. Traveling on the exotic cross roads of the SILK ROAD for tribal textiles and other objects of art is the only cure to our disease. Sharing what we have gathered of all type of arts has been wonderful.

We have collected the many objects on this site over a period of time, filling our hope chests.  Now we hope to pass them on to others who will value and appreciate them, as we have.  We hope to continue our adventure, to keep finding beautiful objects, and to pass them on to others.
We are collecting and selling Turkish, Central Asian, Persian and Caucasian Art & Textiles. We have a great selection on our website, so come and visit!
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