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Turkish Folk Art

Turkish Folk Art
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Vedat Karadag - Turkish Folk Art, Istanbul, Turkey

Vedat Karadag – Turkish Folk Art, Istanbul, Turkey



Turkish Folk Art focuses on antique textiles and objects of art from various places – Central Asia, Persia, Anatolia, the Caucasus and the greater Middle East. As a traveler and being in love with the “material culture” of the places I visit, I cannot help buying whatever captures my attention. It is like “Love and Union”.  When I put my hands on the works of art, they whisper to me about themselves and even disclose the personalities of the masters who made them.

The embroidered textiles are like poems that the poet writes, the lyrics. They embroider their traditional environment, beliefs, flora and fauna as well as their “love” for their beloved ones. The rugs are amazing! Millions of knots define a form of art which makes a man feel like he must be respectful towards a woman. Jewelry is an important asset for women in Central Asia and the Caucasus.  Men use their metalsmithing skills to reflect their cultural traditions. We also have antique tools on the site, especially those used in weaving.

We truly love offering both the history and the techniques used in the hand loomed and embroidered textiles along with the other objects of art we find: clay, metal, wood. We have chosen them personally and most of the product listings on our site have a little story about how they were made and how they survived over time. Our wish is to connect them to the new people who will cherish and pass them on to the next generations. We have worked hard on our website and offer as much information on each item we sell, both with clear photographs and written information. Our shopping cart is set up in dollars.

The craft business has led to organizing tours and travels to the places where creative traditions are still alive. We visit artisan workshops and textile schools and have met many people who shared the same love of fibers and arts. I have organized textile tours in Central Asia for the Washington D.C. Textile Museum and the Santa Fe International Folk Art Museum. Fargana Valley on the Uzbekistan side is the center of weaving silk ikats and velvets. I continue to lead tours once a year in Istanbul and Grater Anatolia for textile lovers. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about future trips.  Visit us online or in person!

-Vedat Karadag

Turkish Folk Art - Tribal weavings and objects of art.

Turkish Folk Art – Tribal weavings and objects of art.

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