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Tuscan Rose

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Patty Van Dorin of Tuscan Rose and Ralph the Dog - Fort Walton, Florida, USA

Patty Van Dorin of Tuscan Rose and Ralph the Dog – Paducah, Kentucky, USA





All my life, I have been involved in various textile arts. While living in Japan, I learned different shibori techniques and fell in love with fabric dyeing. Today, my hand dyeing techniques are in a modern shibori style that I enjoy using with commercial and other artisan fabrics. My inspiration comes from many indigenous textile arts. While in college, I was inspired by vintage eastern kanthas that are made by the rural women of Bangladesh using discarded sari material.

Today that is reflected in my use of repurposed and recycled fabric. Using reclaimed material is not unusual for me as my first quilt was constructed at age five using fabric that I resourced fabric out of the laundry basket by cutting large chunks from my mother’s dress to make a quilt for my doll. My first quilt was not well received but that has not deterred my passion for sewing and creating. Textile arts is my creative outlet with a love of all fabrics both commercial, hand dyed and recycled that continues to be my inspiration and fuels my improvisational style or as I like to refer to it as “fabric graffiti”.

My hand dyed fabrics, finished items and quilting services are available through the Tuscan Rose website, Etsy, and Amazon.com. There are several shows that I set up at and sell fabric, these events are announced on my website. In addition, teaching venues are also posted.  I welcome you to stop by my website and while there be sure to check out the gallery.


The inspiration behind Tuscan Rose is Patty Van Dorin.  She has been involved with textiles for over 30 years beginning with active involvement in a small town 4H club.  Patty’s early success as a 16 year old state fair blue ribbon winner inspired her to complete a Masters Degree in Fine Arts with a focus in textiles.  Her works have been exhibited in various venues across the country as well as internationally.

Tuscan Rose is committed to creating high quality products that will provide years of enjoyment. Patty creates and sources the products that she likes to use, knowing that you will love them yourself!

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    Patty I adore your use of colors and repurposed textiles. Welcome to Tafa.

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