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Dolapo James of Urban Knit - London, England, United Kingdom

Dolapo James of Urbanknit – London, England, United Kingdom








My name is Dolapo James and though a qualified architect have a love for creating bold and colourful accessories. I enjoy the process of designing and making accessories and hope that this is evident in each piece which is lovingly and carefully made.


Urbanknit aims to give you fresh and interesting accessories if you are looking for something different and distinctive. Each hand-made piece is created to give you the satisfaction of uniqueness and at the same time provide everyday accessories to complement various styles and reinforce the spirit of individuality. My current collection consists of totes, clutches, purses, pouches, cowls, scarves and scarflettes with new pieces added regularly.

• SCARVES: These are hand knitted or crocheted and most are made out of 100% merino wool in a chunky textured style.

• BAGS: These are made out of African prints and batiks personally hand-picked mainly from Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia in West Africa. Each bag is unique in that no two can be the same due to the organic nature of the fabrics. These fabrics are sold in approximately 5 metre lengths therefore each bag is merely a piece of a larger picture or pattern. I contrast the vibrant and often colourful patterns of these prints with more familiar fabrics like denim, leather, velvet, cotton and so on to produce one-off funky and functional accessories.

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