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Weaving Hand teaching children how to weave

Weaving Hand – Teaching children how to weave. Brooklyn, New York, USA.








Weaving Hand is an organization that embraces global weaving traditions, fosters working partnerships with an international community of weavers, and operates as a healing arts center. By engaging with artists from both historic weaving, traditional and contemporary fiber arts, Weaving Hand celebrates a fusion of ideas and techniques through travel, studio classes, workshops, outreach programs and exhibitions.

Also a healing arts center, Weaving Hand uses weaving as a creative tool to enhance a range of development programs for children and adults with intellectual, emotional and physical disabilities.

Our global community is also very important to us. Through collaboration, teaching, and expanding our knowledge from Guatemalan Back Strap weavers, Bhutanese, Tibetan, Indonesian, Flores Island and Middle Eastern Carpet Weavers, it is important for us to foster relationships, build dialogue, and share our knowledge through this rich art form.


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    I would love to share my designed weaving kit with u.
    How couId I provide a workshop for you?

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