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Claudia Jaeggi Nessler of weissfeder - Switzerland

Claudia Jaeggi Nessler of weissfeder – Switzerland





After years of trying out, completing and discarding crafting projects in various fields (such as embroidery, knitting, crocheting, sewing, carving, painting and sculpting), I am finally stuck with the art of embroidery.

Transforming traditional techniques into fiber art and adding further media, I came to the conclusion that my work could be titled “mixed media embroidery art”.

As a teacher, wife and happy mother of two, stitching is my favorite way of relaxation.

I found that I loved the repetitive movements, the colors, the surfaces…

The whole tactile experience is very ruminant (a kind of meditation even), and a great way of expressing oneself.

So my work is about me, about my present, future and past; about my memories (the delights and the regrets); about how I see the world (the real and the imagined); about my relations; about my trust, my joy, my faith, my dreams, my pains and my fears…



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