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Wil Opio Oguta

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Wil Opio Oguta, Netherlands

Wil Opio Oguta, Netherlands





I am a fiber artist who loves to work with my own handdyed fabrics. During the years I have worked with many different techniques and materials, and fabric is my favorite of them all. I have completed 3 C&G courses (2 certificates + 1 diploma) and have participated in many workshops.

Occasionally I give a workshop, either in real life or online. On my website you can see some of the art I have made and on my blog you can see what I do on a regular base. If you are interested in a piece, just let me know.



Inspiration for the quilts I make comes from a variety of sources. It can be nature, an expression, a color or a material. For most of my quilts I use my own hand dyed fabric. My quilts can be very colorful or simply black and white.

I work in a contemporary style, but have no objection at all to incorporating traditional blocks. Often I use raw edge appliqué, but don’t be surprised if I switch techniques for another quilt. I love working with fiber, but if the quilt wants/needs it, I add other materials to it. This can be bark, buttons, lutrador and paint. It all depends on what I feel is needed.

For me, making art quilts is a way of expressing what I see, translating the world into fabric and fibers, emphasizing/focusing on what is important to me and to show you how I feel about it.

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