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Wool Walker

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Dovile Sirmulyte of Wool Walker

Dovile Sirmulyte of Wool Walker








My name is Dovile. My felted shoes are made from 100% natural wool. The Wool Walker brand started with zero start-up money in Vilnius, Lithuania (Northern Europe), November 2010. The first Wool Walker collection was launched online on December 2010.

For excellent performance of the wool, my shoes are very soft, lightweight and comfortable. In addition, wool naturally resists microbial proliferation, protects from bacteria and neutralizes odors. Since ancient times it was believed that the wool is similar to acupuncture: it has pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and body-enhancing properties.

The wool felting came into my life when I was visiting in the country. I found my great-grandmother’s antique chest and saw clouds of old gray wool. The spinning wheel was standing beside it. My Dad remembers his childhood when he wore very warm felted shoes made ​​by his grandmother. My Dad’s stories have inspired me. From this it all began.

My idea was for a modern interpretation of  wool felt slippers and wool shoes that have roots in European folklore. Traditional in material, with contemporary design. I am constantly interested in various new technologies, ecology, practical and functional items, their construction. So the challenge to start working with pure wool was so attractive. I knew nothing, but learned quickly and now my brand, Wool Walker, has grown successfully, and is currently managing to establish a strong identity on an international level. The design behind Wool Walker is the combination of clean lines and vibrant colours that together create a unique look.

Driven by innovation and change, Wool Walker now offers wide range of customizable and handmade to order items:

– Women’s felt wool slippers, wool shoes with color rubber sole and wool boots

– Men’s felted wool slippers, wool felt shoes with color rubber sole, wool boots

– Kids wool boots

All Wool Walker wool slippers, wool shoes and wool boots are handmade to order and we’re inviting you to select, mix and match your favorite colors.

Wool Walker also offers other products that are a great fit for our natural resources and history: natural linen dresses, merino wool knit scarves, handmade linen albums, and unique felt wool horses. Check our website often for new additions.

Wool Walker  represents all items handmade to order, non industrial & handmade with love! We do ship worldwide! If you are looking for something comfortable and unique, just drop a line to Wool Walker!

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    I would LOVE a pair of woollen music shoes…..full back please….I am size 38 or in Australin sizes Sze 7.
    I would love them in great and black…….
    If you are able to do this for me would you please let me know?
    I think your work is amazing
    Heather Collins

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