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  • Wooly Red Rug - Prairie Flower - Wool Hooked Chair Mat - hand hooked - hand-dyed wool
  • Wooly Red Rug - Pineapple - Wool Hooked Runner - hand hooked - hand-dyed wool
  • Wooly Red Rug - White Flower - Punch Needle - hand-dyed cotton thread

Wooly Red Rug

Wooly Red Rug
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Laurie Lausen of Wooly Red Rug - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Laurie Lausen of Wooly Red Rug – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA




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A bit of this, a scrap of that, …a loop pulled, a stitch taken…

I’ve been drawn to color and texture since childhood, my love of handwork began when my Mother handed me a needle and thread at age five.
Known for my keen sense of color and whimsical, primitive folk art designs, I began designing and hooking rugs in the 1970’s. My hooked rugs and accessories are part of private collections across the United States. Since 2009, I’ve been honored to have my work included in the Early American Life Magazine’s Directory of Traditional American Crafts.

It begins in the dye pots, over-dyeing fabric and threads to create the perfect shades for my hooked wool rugs, hand-stitched wool treasures or punch needle pieces. The rhythm of the hook or needle is so pleasing. The warmth and depth created by the unique fibers is like painting with wool and thread.

In January 2016, I joined the faculty at Minnetonka Center for the Arts as an artist/instructor offering weekly rug hooking classes and quarterly workshops in punch needle and wool appliqué.

Besides offering my finished work for sale, the studio is stocked with everything a wool lover could want…gorgeous hand-dyed wools, as-is wool, foundations, original design patterns, books, tools and supplies. The studio is open by appointment, but the website and Etsy shop are always open. Inquiries about custom orders are always welcome.



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