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Wrapture by Inese

Wrapture by Inese
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Inese Iris Liepina of Wrapture by Inese - Riga, Latvia

Inese Iris Liepina of Wrapture by Inese – Riga, Latvia


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Color… it’s all about color. I see colors in nature, and when I knit, those color memories flow into art that you can wear. I am now knitting with 4 to 20 thin strands of yarn to create new colors in the same way that pointillists like Georges Seurat created colors from paint dots in their art.


When I go to my knitting machine I may have a vague idea of the colors I want to knit, but more often than not my hand reaches for something surprising, a bright red or chartreuse, and I have learned to just go with it. I let my subconscious, my instinct, or whatever you want to call it guide me. The results are always much more astounding than if I struggled with rules, color theory, and forced the result.


It is interesting that I actually had to take a color test when I was working as a textile designer for a huge corporation. The color wheel (you know: red, violet, blue, green etc.) was divided into 100 increments with a bit of lighter and darker thrown in just to make it confusing. I knew I was going to quit my US job and move to Latvia in Europe, so I just raced through the test so quickly that my colleague kept saying, “Slow down, you need to take this seriously.” Well, it so happened that out of about 50-60 people taking the test I was one of 3 who got it perfect. Well, almost perfect. All three of us did the same mistake, so I actually suspect that the flaw may be in the test. The result is that I have “perfect pitch” for color. A ridiculous talent, but I think I have put it to good use in my knits.


The knit designs I do are basic and simple, but sculptural. The yarns are of the highest softest quality I can find. Everything is one of a kind because I really just love to experiment with color.

I love doing custom orders, they truly inspire me. So feel free to contact me and tell me your dreams.



Inese Liepina graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1980. Inese relished her years at SAIC and attempted to learn techniques in as many disciplines as possible. Majors were in fiber/fabrics and ceramic sculpture. Inese has explored glass blowing since 1991 while working as a fashion, textile, and interior designer. In the late 70’s SAIC emphasized originality along with an mentality of “breaking the rules” in art. This influence follows Inese in all her work, and she studied glassblowing technique only to learn how the rules can be broken to fit her ideas.


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Huge inspiration: Inese Īris Liepiņa is an artist/designer who has lived in two different cultural worlds. As a Latvian growing up in the United States, Inese studied fine art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and has worked as a knit wear, children’s wear, and textile designer in Chicago and San Francisco. Inese now lives in Rīga, Latvia and works from Latvia as a designer — marketing her designs and products globally.

She was the TEDxRiga Story Hunt 2013 winner. In her TEDx talk Inese shares her insights, experiences and thoughts about the development of creativity in both of these worlds.


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    My new striped tank dress, available in custom stripes in any length you want!

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    My name is Joyce Zhang, a sweater designer in New York. Currently working on a project of sweater baby blanket collection. I’m looking for hand knitters who can help me create some samples and small productions in the near future. Please let me if you do such or know knitters that can help me with such.

    Thank you in advance

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      Hi Joyce,
      Except for mittens I knit everything on a knitting machine. I Have a bulky machine, and can only knit fair isle or straight knitting, no purl. I did manage to design and knit a blanket, you can see it here: https://oneofyourkind.com/product/patchwork-blanket-custom-order/
      There are lots of hand knitters locally, I live in Latvia. Most of them don’t speak English. I work as a designer, and knit my own designs exclusively, so I never learned to read other peoples patterns. How complex is the work you need?

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