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November 3, 2013


Hi there...

I'm Nisa a textile artist from Hereford with a passion for ‘painting’ with fabrics. I have called my shop ‘Fabrics of Nature’. Mother Nature is the inspiration behind my work, the threads that weave and hold together all that we see and experience. The ever changing array of colours, textures and shapes surrounds us always: soft and subtle, dark and enticing, loud and garish, the fabric of the whole that we cannot truly perceive only sense.

I design and make unique wall hangings in a wide choice of styles. Many are hung on complementary waxed driftwood headings with handmade cords and fringing. They are supplied ready to hang on a small hook or nail.

I love to combine fabrics of different textures - velvets, satins, organzas, silks and lace being among my favourites and will often mesh fabrics together with an embellisher to create unusual effects.

I hope you enjoy looking at my creations - I've certainly had great fun (well most of the time) in making them. Thanks for your time, Nisa.

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