Christine Predd Art Quilt - Anticipation
Christine Predd Art Quilt - Anticipation detail 2Christine Predd Art Quilt - Anticipation detailChristine Predd Art Quilt - Anticipation back

Christine Predd Art Quilt – Anticipation


Anticipation reflects the feelings Christine Predd had in creating an art quilt using only her own dyed, painted, or surface designed fabrics.


33 x 38″, or 82.5 x 95 cm


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Christine Predd Art Quilt - Anticipation

Christine Predd Art Quilt – Anticipation


I named this quilt because of the feeling I had when I challenged myself to create using only my own dyed, painted, or surface designed fabrics. Two of the bar strips  in the blocks are positioned vertically in contrast to all the others that are positioned horizontally to show that life can have hidden surprises. I used all cotton fabrics, thread, and batting,  and it is free motion quilted extensively. The last photo shows the back of the quilt.

It measures 33 x 38″, or 82.5 x 95 cm. It includes a hanging sleeve on the back to insert a dowel with eye hooks on the end for hanging, which is provided. This quilt will be shipped rolled in a tube or rectangular box.

The quilt should be hung out of direct sunlight. It can be cleaned by tossing it in the dryer on air setting to remove dust or using a lint roller.  It should not be washed or dry cleaned.


Christine Predd

Christine Predd

I began making traditional quilts in 1986, and art quilts in 2005. My inspiration comes from my love of words, and natural elements that surround us everyday. I prefer abstract interpretations of my ideas. I continue to make both traditional and art quilts, and recently have begun tapestry weaving.

I am a lifelong resident of northern Indiana (USA), and have felt most at home living around trees, lakes, and other natural elements. I am a retired registered nurse, gift shop owner, and former nurse educator. I am the mother of four sons and five grandchildren and am enjoying my retired life with my husband in our comfortable home surrounded by the woods. My favorite room in the house is my studio. I enjoy teaching quilting to others and seeing their creativity grow!

I have been in several SAQA exhibits in the past, and am a happy donor of my work to raise funds for social causes dear to me.


Visit Christine’s website.



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