FeltHappiness – Felt Burning Man Festival Hat, Helmet


Stunning felt Burning Man Festival hat or helmet by FeltHappiness captures the soul of the event! This sculptural helmet is warm and functional, yet definitely a piece of wearable art!

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Juliane Gorman - Burning Man Festival Helmet - 1

Juliane Gorman of FeltHappiness – Burning Man Festival Helmet


The “Felt Burning Man Festival Hat”! This sculptural helmet is warm and functional, yet definitely a piece of wearable art!

Are you familiar with Burning Man? Although they are certainly festive, they don’t consider themselves a festival as they are a non-profit that works year round. Here is their mission:

The Burning Man organization  brings experiences to people in grand, awe-inspiring and joyful ways that lift the human spirit, address social problems and inspire a sense of culture, community and personal engagement. Burning Man provides infrastructural tools and frameworks to support local communities in applying the Ten Principles through six interconnected program areas, including Arts, Civic Involvement, Culture, Education, Philosophical Center and Social Enterprise.

Pretty cool, eh? Well, if you go to the festival, wear this hat!

Of course, this hat can be worn anywhere by someone who has the Burning Man spirit!

This wet felted hat is entirely handmade by myself and made of the softest Merino wool. The colors range from yellow orange to pinks and there are zany textile embellishments decorating the front. There is a sort of ‘rose’ above the right ear and a stamen like protuberance above that.


The hat’s shape is complex: it’s a cross between a fedora and a cloche! The interior of the hat is hot pink and has been turned up in three places, sort of like a cloche with something extra.

To finish off the interior, a grey millinery grosgrain ribbon is carefully hand stitched around the inside. And tiny hand stitches have been sewn in the inside to help hold the hat’s shape.


Felt is a flexible fiber and I could stretch this hat, a bit if needed. Sized medium it will fit a head size range of 22 – 23 inches (55.88 – 58.42 cm). The hat comfortably fits over the ears of my 22.5 inch head. It’s a tall hat at approximately 10 inches (25.4 cm). The thickness of this felt is medium-thick weight – it will keep you stylishly warm.


Felt is a natural fiber that is water and is stain resistant. This hat can be hand washed in cool water with a gentle soap. Rinse. Blot dry on a towel, shape and air dry.


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Juliane lives in Gibsonia, Pennsylania, USA. Insurance can be included as an extra charge upon request in the United States.


Juliane Gorman of FeltHappiness

Juliane Gorman of FeltHappiness

“While I studied textiles at the Rhode Island School of Design many years ago, it was my recent foray into feltmaking which caused a welcome rebirth of creativity.  Felting is a craft that suits my temperament: while there is method, improvisation is encouraged. Additionally, I enjoy exploring  color and also appreciate having the ‘constraint’ of making something functional.  For my work I create sculptural hats that expressively punctuate a wardrobe and are a joy to wear.”-Juliane Gorman


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