Las Rancheritas Hooked Rug – Folk Art Chickens


Folk Art Chickens hooked rug made by Bonifacia Tovar of Las Rancheritas in Mexico.

Dimensions:  34″ x 28”  / 86.5 x 71 cm

Wool rug.

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In the small village of Agustin Gonzales located in the central Mexican highlands near San Miguel de Allende, 18 people spend what little free time they have hooking rugs. They are Las Rancheritas of The Rug Hook Project. The people of the area are subsistence farmers who grow all their own corn beans and squash. The proceeds from selling these art pieces help with paying for food, children’s schooling, doctor visits and other family needs. Many of the women are the sole support of their families. Each art piece is entirely unique as is the skill of rug hooking in Mexico.

Charlotte Bell is a freelance photographer who makes her home in Austin, Texas and San Miguel de Allende Mexico. She is the liaison with TAFA, representing Las Rancheritas. She wrote a book about Las Rancheritas, Rich Roots, which is close to her heart. She felt compelled to tell the untold story of the people who have welcomed her into their families. You can buy the book from Charlotte.

Rich Roots book announcement for Las Rancheritas

 About this rug

Las Rancheritas Hooked Rug - Las Mejores Mamas de Mexico - Folk Art Chickens - Bonifacia Tovar

Las Rancheritas Hooked Rug – Las Mejores Mamas de Mexico – Folk Art Chickens – Bonifacia Tovar



These folk art chickens are protecting their little chicks as they are “Las Mejores Mamás de México”, or, “The Best Mommies of Mexico”.

The rug was made by Bonifacia Tovar:

Bonifacia Tovar of Las Rancheritas

Dimensions:  24″ x 32”  / 61 x 81.3 cm

Materials: wool

Display: Hang with a dowel (there are loops at the top)

Care: Shake if needed. Hand washable with woolite, dry flat.

International shipping is determined by country and is not included in the price. You can contact Charlotte for an estimate and will pay her directly for shipping if purchased.


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