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Sponsor Spotlight rates for the TAFA Members monthly sponsor ad.  Three month minimum. ($75)

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TAFA does not have yearly membership renewals, so it relies on TAFA Sponsor Ads for financial support. We have made sponsorship very attractive and affordable!


What you get:


  • Sponsor Spotlight. The content can be changed once a month and you can promote whatever you want. (Just keep it easy for me!) Perfect place for a monthly newsletter!
  • Regular shares of your Facebook page to TAFA’s page. (No kittens. Just your business stuff.)


PayPal Subscription

Make your monthly payments easy by subscribing through PayPal. $25 will be deducted from your account automatically and you can discontinue your sponsorship at any time.

Note: Only use this option if you commit to a minimum of three months. It is time consuming to set up the Sponsor Spotlights and we have also found that it takes repetition before you start seeing results. Your spotlight will show up in many places on the site and you will also be promoted on our Facebook page.

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$25 a month or $250 a year, 3 month minimum. This item is for the monthly sponsor ad price.

Where else can you get such great rates? We know how hard it is to run a business (been there, doing that!) and we want to keep this affordable for you! But, running TAFA costs money and your support will help us grow, which will benefit all of us!


Our Sponsors Keep TAFA Tickin’!


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