Peggy Brown Art Quilt – Lagoon II


Peggy Brown Art Quilt – Lagoon II is a layered watercolor painting on fabric. Hand painted and machine quilted. 33”h x 31”w / 83.8 x 78.7 cm, Free Shipping.

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“Lagoon II” is basically a watercolor painting on fabric. The background and the collage pieces were hand painted and machine quilted. At times, the collage includes digital transfers of small sections of my original watercolor paintings and drawings. It is one of a kind, signed on front and back.


33”h x 31”w  /   83.8 x 78.7  cm


Cotton, archival tissue, silver leaf, hand painted with transparent watercolor, protected with acrylic matte medium.

Care and Display:

Includes hanging sleeve and can be hung from a curtain rod or a slat with screw eyes.

Clean and remove dust with a simple lint roller.   Do not wash.


I will ship via UPS or Priority Mail in the United States. If you would like insurance it will be charged separately.

Free shipping worldwide, however, carrier to be decided depending on the destination.

Note: This quilt will be shipped by Peggy from Nashville, Indiana, USA.

Peggy Brown Art - Lagoon II

Peggy Brown Art – Lagoon II


Peggy Brown

Peggy Brown – Nashville, Indiana, USA

On the Peggy Brown Art Quilt Process:

My studio time is divided between “paintings on paper” and my newer obsession, “paintings on fabric”.  Since I have spent over 30 years painting and teaching transparent watercolor painting it’s only natural I approach my art quilts from the viewpoint of a watercolor artist using the same media and methods for both.   On a thoroughly wet substrat, I brush on paint and allow the pigments to mingle and follow their personal paths as they dry.  The resulting image inspires and helps me choose the way to completion.

For added texture and to strengthen and define the design I collage and fuse pieces of paper or fabric over the whole cloth start. All is re-painted, layered with a flannel batting and cotton backing,  and quilted by machine and hand embroidered. Materials in my painted quilts include silk, cotton, flannel, interfacing and various painted papers. My goal is to take a free-flowing start, and using collage, overlays of more pigment, and drawing, compose a well-designed finish.

At times I use a completely different technique by making digital transfers from one of my original watercolor paintings onto treated fabric.  The transfers are reconstructed into a new design.

From tentative beginnings to the final touch, I try to express images that are on, above and below the surface.   By keeping each painted layer transparent, I invite the viewer to follow as I work and perceive the process from tentative beginnings to the final touch. The entire process is collaboration between the medium, and myself.  I think we both enjoy ourselves.

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