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Joining TAFA

TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List is a membership organization of professionals working with handmade textiles and fiber art. Most of our members are studio artists, but we also support suppliers (such as fiber farmers), fair trade businesses, vintage dealers and other organizations.

TAFA members are vetted in based on the maturity of their product/service and on their professional web presentation. The main reasons for rejection tend to come from immature product development or poor photography and outdated websites. We also do have an aesthetic guide for an overall fit. For example, you will not see much nudity or explicitly violent imagery on the site.



Applying for TAFA Membership

Go the Contact Page and submit the following:

Contact name, business name, and links to your sites (website, blog, Facebook page, etc.) that show your textile/fiber art connection.

Include a brief bio, a summary of your work, how long you have had this business, and why you would like to join TAFA.

You will receive a response with an acceptance or rejection for membership. If rejected, we will give you some concrete reasons on why your business is not a good fit for TAFA.




Membership to TAFA is $125 for a lifetime membership. This basically buys your Membership page on the site. See our TAFA Member Profiles.

There are no renewals. Members who wish to support TAFA further do so by purchasing sponsor ads or other products or services.


There are no refunds on the membership fee.  (Five day grace period)

If you join without having been vetted in, your membership fee will be refunded along with reasons for your rejection.

Repeated negative comments will lead to a membership investigation. Five peer members will research the situation. If they come to a consensus that a member is bad news for our community, the membership will be canceled.

Examples: A wholesaler receives payment for product but never delivers. A product has shoddy workmanship and falls apart after little use. A store takes product on consignment and never pays its vendors. The reported member will have a chance to explain his or her side of the story with each of those five members, so this should be enough of a process for conflict resolution. An exiled member will not be re-admitted.

Memberships will also be terminated if a member is no longer in business. We occasionally find that people move on to different interests and although we try to communicate directly with them, sometimes they just disappear…


User Name

Please note: If you join TAFA, the shopping cart will ask you to create a user name. This name will show up on the site when you are active, so make it either your real or business name. User names are one word. Example: Rayela Art would be RayelaArt.


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