Wil Opio Oguta Art Quilt – Upside Down Trees


Small art quilt by Wil Opio Oguta from the Netherlands showing Baobab trees. 18″ x 18″ / 45 x 45 cm Available through the TAFA Shop, $450.

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For one of my online textile groups, we make a quilt each month in the size 12″x 12″(30 x 30 cm). This time the theme was upside down and I immediately knew that I wanted to do something with baobabs. After all those trees look like they are planted upside down. Again this quilt was one which asked for more. I painted a canvas in matching colors and added 2 more baobabs on the canvas. I used my own hand dyed fabrics for the quilt and the leaves of the trees were created with intensive stitching on soluble fleece.


18″ x 18″ / 45 x 45 cm


Hand dyed cotton fabrics, thread on acrylic painted canvas.

Care and Display:

To remove dust use a soft cloth or a feather duster. Do not hang in full sunlight – the colors might lose some of their brightness after some time (this can be years, but just be on the safe side). The canvas can be hung on a screw drilled into the wall. It is light.


Free Shipping Worldwide – This piece will be shipped by Wil Opio Oguta from the Netherlands.


Wil Opio Oguta Art Quilt upside down trees front

Wil Opio Oguta Art Quilt – Upside Down Trees




Wil Opio Oguta

Wil Opio Oguta

I am a fiber artist who lives in the Netherlands. For most of my art quilts I use my own hand dyed fabrics. My favorite technique is raw edge applique and I love colors. Inspiration can come from many ideas, but quite often it is nature.

Learn more about Wil:

Wil Opio Oguta’s Profile on TAFA



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