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Rachel Biel, TAFA Founder, will build your WordPress Website for you!

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Is your website a mess?

Horribly outdated? Can you see it decently on a smart phone?

Believe me, I’ve looked at thousands of sites now and quite a few of the sites in our community make me cringe with horror. How can someone love the creations they make with their hands, but seemingly seem blind to how awful their photos or websites look?

Well, I would like to help!

I’ve taught myself how to use WordPress through the School of Hard Knocks! Do you like how TAFA looks? That’s my elbow grease, but more importantly, it’s the talent of a designer who built a beautiful and flexible theme that does a great job of showcasing our needs in a beautiful way! I’ve learned a good deal about what a stable site needs to have on the back end and can do a lot of problem solving, but I can’t code. Using a well written theme helps a lot! And, if the theme designer is nice, they can make changes that fit your specific needs.

A website is a partnership

In order to launch a decent site, there needs to be a good partnership between me and you. Your job is to have great photos ready to upload, along with whatever text and content that needs to go on the site. My job is to make sense of that and organize it in a way that your audience will understand and appreciate. I will help you find a good theme that you like and get your back end organized. If you have any tech abilities at all, I would like to teach you how to maintain your site. If not, we can make something that does not need a lot of upkeep. But, an a site with frequent updates and an active blog will get more views over time.

Are you ready?

If you have been anxious about your site and are ready to jump in, first I would like you to do a little research. First, read this post that I wrote about WordPress so that you have some background information:

The Skinny on WordPress for Artists

wordpress tutorial for aritists












Then, I want you to take a look at other sites that I have set up. First, of course, there is this one that you are looking at!

Current Clients

Artizan Made

Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts

Color Creek Fiber Art

Sir Raffles

Purchase Family Magazine

Kenn Gray Home

Jennifer Garrison Designs

There are others, but this will give you an idea of how different they can look. Whatever you do, don’t look at my site! “The shoemaker’s kids go barefoot”, right? My site and Afghan Tribal Arts were my first ones and both need updating.



I always have a lot on my plate, but working on these sites are a big help to me financially, so I will make time for you. I also really love seeing an ugly site update to a beautiful one. 🙂  It is such a pleasure to see the change!

First, send an inquiry with your needs. Use the contact form on this site.

Second, secure your place in line with a deposit. My fee is $25/hour and $250 is the deposit I require upfront.

Budget around 40 hours for a “normal” site with Home, About, Portfolio and Contact pages, so $1,000. Most of the typical artist sites have taken me around 20 hours, bit it all depends on how much work you can get done on your end with your photos and text. My goal is to teach you how to manage your own site and see you fly off on your own. You will love having control over your content and with a solid structure, it’s not that hard. You might even enjoy it!

Build your site with:

Rachel Biel, TAFA Founder

Rachel Biel, TAFA Founder


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