Yearly Sponsor Ad – Gold (non-members)

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TAFA’s yearly sponsor ad for non-members is an affordable $100/month or $1,000 a year. (Two free months!)

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Sponsors keep TAFA tickin’!

We have an affordable ad rate of $100 as a yearly sponsor ad for non-members! $1,000 a year upfront gives you two free months! (monthly rates are $100/month sold on a separate listing)


What you get:


  • A 1200×300 banner that will show up in different places. 
  • Sponsor Spotlight. The content can be changed once a month and you can promote whatever you want. (Just keep it easy for me!) Perfect place for a monthly newsletter!
  • Regular shares of your Facebook page to TAFA’s page. (No kittens. Just your business stuff.)

The Sponsor Spotlight is a widget that has themed tags and it can be placed into other pages and posts. So, for example, if we have a post on quilts, I can insert the Sponsor Spotlights at the bottom of the post.

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Do you qualify for membership?

Ad rates are cheaper for members, only $25/month. If you are involved with handmade textiles or fiber art, you might qualify for membership. Use the contact page to send us your links and tell us why you would like to join TAFA. We are overtly about the finished handmade product, whether it is a skein of hand spun yarn or a pricey finished textile. Here are a couple of examples that will help you determine whether you qualify for membership:

  1. You design fabric that is then produced commercially in a factory. Although your end-product might not be handmade, you are welcome to join as the designer. We are especially interested in products that are organic and environmentally friendly.
  2. You have a quilting shop with designer fabric made especially for quilters. You do not qualify for membership, unless you are also making quilts as a part of your business.

The textile and fiber art industry is a multi-billion dollar engine in the United States alone. We appreciate all of the materials and support that the industrial side provides us, but TAFA is strictly about the creative and productive side of this industry. We will gladly use your sewing machines, batting, threads, and mills, but our aesthetic is as close down to earth as possible. Our members are mostly studio artists, but we also have teachers, publishers, other organizations, and small importers, all committed to the ethical pursuit of expression through the textile arts.


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Support handmade!

As a gold sponsor, we will honor your part in this process and promote what you do, too. We do reserve the right to accept sponsorships only from those we feel share a similar commitment to our mission.


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