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Ann Robinson Textiles

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Ann Robinson

After many years of teaching and advising students on campuses including the University of Wisconsin and Stanford, budget cuts left me without a classroom.  Finally, I could focus full time on my inherent artistic interests - dyeing and weaving yarn.

Today I design and weave one-of-a-kind textiles using traditional looms, respecting and preserving an ancient form of art. I have three looms in my home studio and use only natural fibers, primarily plant fibers (cotton, tencel [wood], bamboo, soy, linen, hemp) and silk. The weaving process is itself an art, and I weave not to create a picture but rather to express a feeling through color and structure. I hand-dye the yarn in a variety of color combinations and then choose a structure of repeating patterns, resulting in a visual rhythm that is evident in each piece.

I have been teaching the weaving process since early 2009 and presently offer classes at the University of California, Davis. Previously, I had established the weaving curriculum at Women's Wisdom, an art therapy program offered through the Sacramento Food Bank until it closed in July 2012.

Mats & Towels

Handwoven towels are very versatile and make lovely hostess gifts that can be used to dress up a bread basket or a wine bottle or even serve as a table mat to complement a bowl of fruit while protecting the  table.

Ann Robinson Textiles has been designing and weaving towels made of cotton and linen (cottolin) that offer a soft finish with a lovely, subtle texture. They are perfect for both the kitchen and bathroom and, for that reason, they are usually spoken for while they are still on the loom! Contact Ann with your choice of colors, and she will weave a set for you to give as a gift or to have for yourself.

Need a clever wedding gift?  A handwoven 3-piece placemat set is your ticket: one for her, one for him, and one for the salt and pepper. When ordering larger quantities, consider complementing the patterned mats with solid colored mats to create a table that is interesting without being overwhelming.  For more color and pattern detail, click on the images.

SOLD. Scarab, Melon, & Orchid. 100% cotton, 12.5 x 19.5. Contact artist if interested in a similar design.        Fiesta Colors. 100% cotton, 12.5 x 19.5        Turquoise Red. 100% cotton, 12.5 x 19.5        Caribbean blue, purple, moss mats detail.        SOLD Caribbean blue, purple, moss mats, 60% cotton & 40% tencel.

SOLD Napa Wine. 60% cotton, 40% tencel. 12" x 22"        Napa Wine detail.        Deep Sea Blue. 80%, 20% tencel.12.5" x 44"        Deep Sea Blue detail.        Indigo & navy towels, 100% cotton, 15" x 25".

Red & black mat, 100% cotton, 14" x 26".        Red & black mat detail.        Purple & magenta towel, 100% cotton, 12.5" x 17.5".

SOLD Lavender Compliments. 100% cotton, (l) 15.5 x 27.5, (r) 15.5 x 27        SOLD. Shadow Weave. 100% cotton, 16.75" x 24." Contact artist if interested in a similar design.        SOLD. Cactus & Stone. 100% cotton, 17.5" x 25." Contact artist if interested in a similar design.        SOLD. Fibonacci. 100% cotton, 13" x 25.25." Contact artist if interested in a similar design.        SOLD. Tri-Color Shadow Weave. 100% cotton, 16.5 " x 23.5." Contact artist if interested in a similar design.


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