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Barbetta Lockart - Sacramento, California, USA

Barbetta Lockart – Sacramento, California, USA


I am a contemporary artist, fiber enthusiast, teacher, and lover of world cultures and artistic expressions.



In my role as contemporary artist, I maintain a working studio (ITSA Studio) in Sacramento, California (USA), where I can be found most days creating new work for gallery shows and listening to good music. Predominately a painter and mixed media artist, my work often includes fiber in some fashion and by some definition. Thematically, my work often covers social commentary/political concerns, but not exclusively.

I have an online presence through my website and Artwork Archive, as well as a Facebook page: Barbetta Lockart Contemporary Art. If you see a piece of mine that you are interested in purchasing or are just curious about, please contact me at bl@ (remove the space).


Barbetta Lockart Contemporary Art - Cache of Random Thoughts

Barbetta Lockart Contemporary Art – Cache of Random Thoughts


ITSA Studio

For a number of years I owned a retail bead shop (and fine art gallery) in Sacramento, CA filled with wonderful beads from all over the world, beautiful cultural items, art, fun folks & laughter. I closed the brick and mortar shop to open my own working art studio, ITSA Studio, which is where I teach classes/workshops (I teach outside my studio as well), have PlayDays, and more: (the fun folks still pop in…laughter is an integral part of my reality).

ITSA Studio is also the name of my online presence for beads, world marketplace items, creative supplies, silks, jewelry and fine art… all of which are available for your enjoyment, appreciation and purchase should something speak to you. I can also be found online on Facebook and I have a shop on Etsy.

If you are in the Sacramento area and would like to stop by to visit and/or shop, look at beads, fine art and whatever else might be around, you are most welcome—I don’t have normal public open hours; I am available by appointment or chance; just send me an email at bb@ (remove the space) and we will set up a time for your visit.


ITSA Studio Foils

ITSA Studio Foils