Dakini Dreams

Weaver, Mixed Media Artist, Marketer
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Bonnie Clark of Dakini Dreams

Bonnie Clark of Dakini Dreams – Asheville, North Carolina, USA



Inspired by ancient artifacts, tribal adornments, traditional textiles, beads, and amulets, Bonnie Clark’s collections are meditations on the mysteries of life and the beauty that surrounds us… the embroideries of Rajasthan, the temples of Kathmandu, the architecture of Barcelona, the sunsets of Santa Fe, autumn in the Rocky Mountains, the ocean at Big Sur.

Though Bonnie primarily works in fibers and textiles, her training in a variety of artistic mediums and techniques, including mask making, printmaking, collage, assemblage, ceramics, and polymer clay, influences her practice, enabling her to expand on age-old cultural themes relating to personal growth, empowerment, and transformation.

Bonnie attended the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston before moving to Santa Fe, NM. She currently lives and works in Asheville, NC.